You know what an Object is, why not learn about the Monad?

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Monads, with a name that originated in and its roots in pure mathematics, is a concept that might seem esoteric at first. The “aha!” moment that builds our intuition for it is a Satori that many developers trying to understand functional programming want to reach, finally consummating in a…

Shared developer environments across macOS and Linux systems for consistent builds.

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We’re developing a large React Native app which relies heavily on native components already written in Java, C++, and Objective-C. This means that we needed to develop, build, and test many different platforms on complex developer environments and build tools, that change often with platform updates.

This became a burden…

A musical journey inside Node internals

Node’s Libuv’s logo over a Max for Live Connection Kit

There’s a notion that coding and debugging are purely intellectual tasks. Car mechanics can determine engine issues by listening to the engine, scrutinizing its starting sound and reverberations like a physician might with their stethoscope. Meanwhile, developers are stuck with the Terminal Bell —…

Untitled, Computer Assisted Drawing, 1975, Paul Brown, written with FORTRAN punched cards on a ICL 1903A mainframe, plotted on a Calcomp Drum Plotter

Unit Tests and Coverage

Unit tests are the best way to determine the reliability of code. Tests assert that specific code behaves as intended by running it in isolation. This assures that we notice breakage as code evolves and grows.

Coverage checks can determine which parts of the code are run by unit tests…

Sometimes works of fiction hit the nail in the head when it comes to expressing deep fears and emotions with the right metaphors. In such cases, the meaning reveals itself in their lasting impression, in the feelings and moods the work aroused in us. …

Ronen Lahat

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